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Budgets tailored to your needs, without the hard work.

Copilot’s algorithms combine and analyze your transactions to generate budgets that actually reflect your spending habits. Need to make some adjustments? Just swipe and you're done. And yes, each budget comes with a fully customizable emoji.


All of your bank accounts,
none of the headache.

Copilot works day and night to keep track and organize your transactions, so you don’t have to. Get useful daily and monthly summaries, and be notified when there’s something that needs your attention.

You can also easily search, sort and filter your transactions, just like you can with your emails. Because it's your data, and you deserve better.


Keep track of your recurring expenses, get peace of mind.

Copilot helps you plan ahead by automatically detecting your bills and subscriptions, and linking them to your budgets. This means you’ll always know how much of your budget is actually left, no more guessing or end-of-month surprises.


Safe and private, like it should be.

Copilot uses bank-level security to keep your information safe, and only gets read-access from your financial institutions.

We also treat your personal data like we’d like ours to be treated. That means never selling or sharing it with third parties. Ever.


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