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The future of personal finance.

Copilot uses machine learning to deliver powerful, hyper-personalized insights that help you effortlessly understand and manage how you spend, save, and invest your money. Transactions are organized automatically so they’re as easy to search, sort, and filter as your email inbox. The app uses crowdsourced feedback and machine learning to continuously improve the experience for everyone who uses it.


All your accounts, in one place.

Copilot keeps track of all your bank, credit, and investment accounts so you don’t have to– just link them once and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll receive weekly and monthly account summaries, and you'll be notified if anything needs your attention.


Keep track of your recurring expenses, get peace of mind.

Copilot helps you plan ahead by automatically detecting your bills and subscriptions, and linking them to your budgets. This means you’ll always know how much of your budget is actually left, no more guessing or end-of-month surprises.


Private and safe, like it should be.

Copilot protects your information with bank-level security and has read-only access from your financial institutions. We treat your personal data like we’d want ours to be treated, which means never selling or sharing it with third parties. Ever.


Fair and transparent pricing.

We’re offering Copilot for $8.99 a month, and for less than $5.99 /month when you subscribe for a year. That allows us to provide a personalized and secure experience and gives you full, unlimited access to the app– no hidden fees, gated features, or ads.


Our goal and story.

We all have multiple accounts and expenses, but no central place to make sense of it all– Copilot’s goal is to empower people to own and make sense of their financial data. We started with budgeting and subscription tracking, but this is just the beginning!

The idea for Copilot was born in 2018, when founder and CEO Andres Ugarte left his role as a senior software engineer at Google to pursue his passion for building products that improve people’s lives. Frustrated and fed up with the limitations of existing personal finance apps, he knew he could leverage his skills and expertise to develop a better solution.

In 2019, Andres was joined by his close friend and founding engineer Gabriel Dieguez, and together they launched Copilot’s first private beta program. After just 4 months, over 1,300 people had joined the waitlist. Based on the strong public interest and positive feedback from beta users, Andres and Gabriel decided to make the Copilot app available to the public in January of this year.

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