Do money better with Copilot Finally, an app that puts you in the driver's seat

Integrated with your banks and favorite services

Link with all your accounts

Your finances deserve a better home. See them all in high-definition.

See your Venmo transactions

Copilot automatically detects and categorizes your Venmo transactions in real-time.

Track crypto

Track your crypto holdings alongside your physical currencies. Finally!

Import Apple Card statements

Turn your monthly Apple Card statements into categorizable transactions with our custom integration.

Track your spending and boost your savings

Track your spending

Review your recent spending, check on that refund, and see what’s coming up.

Track your spending

Take advantage of our data-driven categorization engine and create custom rules to fit your spending.

Track spending across multiple months

Set budgets to carry your remaining balance from one month to the next and track your spending across multiple months.

Track spending across multiple months

Copilot keeps track of your bills and subscriptions so you'll always know what you’re paying for–you might even catch one or two that you forgot about.

Cut through the noise with insights you can actually use

Track your net worth

Keep tabs on your net worth with consolidated views of your accounts and investments.

See your monthly cash flow

Get a high-level overview with regular summaries of your cash flow.

Track asset performance

See how your investments are doing, and compare them against the market.

Gain peace of mind

Copilot’s smart monitoring lets you know when something needs your attention with alerts that help you:


Build better credit over time


Prevent overdraft fees


Stick to your budgets


Understand your spending


Stop fraud in its tracks


Know the moment you get paid

Copilot provides a best-in-class experience

Copilot widgets for iOS
Copilot widgets for iOS
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Honest and thoughtful pricing

69.99 billed yearly
Pay yearly
No ads, hidden fees, or shenanigans. Your data stays private, and we get to focus on building the best product for you.
We’re in this for the long haul. We want to continue building and improving on Copilot for years to come, and subscription pricing makes that possible.

We believe charging a fair price for a well-made product is among the most honest ways to run a sustainable business. We get to do the work we love, and you get the comfort of knowing that we’ll never sell your data or promote other companies’ products just to make a buck.

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We're on a mission to help you reclaim your data from the banks

We believe providing access to better financial tools improves people’s lives, so we’re taking money matters into our own hands.

Staying on top of finances takes way too much time and energy–and our banks aren’t doing enough to help. We built Copilot because we got tired of waiting around for someone else to do what we always knew was possible.

Building something like Copilot isn’t easy, but we’re lucky to have an all-star team leading the way. Our team members are diverse, working from different parts of the world and coming together to create a better personal finance experience for everyone. We care about getting it right, and about doing right by our users. Get in touch with us with any questions or feedback—we’d love to hear from you.

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